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Rick Berry, CHS Principal 

    A Message from the CHS Principal, Mr. Rick Berry



CHS Mission Statement

The mission of Canadian High School is to achieve academic excellence by establishing high expectations, providing a safe learning environment, developing character, and preparing students for the future.



Congratulations to Boston Hudson and Ethan Lusk.  They will be competing in the State Tennis Tournament in College Station.

Congratulations to all the following CHS students who are advancing to regionals in track:  Karlie Pelham, Brook Wiley, Tori Hamby, Madisian Smith, Haevyn Risley, Cinthia Morales, Vanessa Guthrie, Avery Pennington, Brock Hedgecoke, Chance Cook, Braiden Galla, Mario Flores, Drew Hill, Edgar Moreno, Nick Dumbald, Cory Chidester, Lachlen Bevin, Bailey Urschel, Ben Arbuckle, Cooper Trolinger.


Environmental & Natural Resources – 1st in region

State CDE: Tarleton State University on April 24th

Tori Hamby, Kari Jenkins, and Holly Wright 

Range Evaluation – 2nd in region

State CDE: Tarleton State University on April 24th

Nolan Culwell, Clay Dumbauld, Drew Hill, and Kelton Hill 

Veterinary Science – 2nd in region

State CDE: Texas A & M University on May 3rd

Karlie Jenkins, Quentin McPherson, Mason Wilson 

Wildlife Management – 1st in region

State CDE: Welder Foundation near Sinton on May 13th

Lewis Abraham, Quentin Campbell, Cory Chidester, and Chance Cook

"ACT College Readiness Award"

 Presented by the Texas ACT Council to Canadian High School in recognition of having a significant increase in our ACT Composite score over the past five years while, at the same time, increasing or maintaining the number of students taking the ACT Asssessment.  Approximately 10% of Texas high schools were able to reach this level of accomplishment.  CHS has now received the award two consecutive years:  2011 and 2012.  Congratuations to the staff and students.

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