College Visitation Policy

College Visitation

Seniors and juniors are allowed three days during the school year for college visitation days.  The following guidelines must be followed with regard to college visitation days:

  1. At least one week prior to the date of the college visit, written proof (letter or fax on college letterhead, or email from the college) must be given to the school counselor.Students may request assistance from the school counselor in scheduling the college day.
  2. A College Day form will be given to the student.It is the student’s responsibility to have all teachers, necessary staff, and parents sign the form.This form must indicate that the student is passing all classes and owes no fines.
  3. The completed form must be turned into the school counselor at least two school days prior to the scheduled college day.For example, if the college day is planned for Monday, the form must be submitted on the previous Wednesday.
  4. On the first day back at CHS, the student must bring the signed verification form of the college visit and submit it to the school counselor.
  5. No college days will be permitted before September 7, between December 7 and January 15, or after May 7, nor during any days colleges are on breaks.
  6. Students who fail to comply with the guidelines will receive an unexcused absence, will forfeit remaining college days and will not be eligible for semester exam exemptions.

For further attendance information, see policies at EHBC, EIA, FDC, and FDD.