Jay McCook

Biology, Environmental Science, and Anatomy and Physiology!

Work phone: 806-323-5373
Feel free to contact me any time through e-mail or work phone. Face to face meetings are encouraged during my conference period (1st period) 7:55-8:40

Thank you so much for visiting the life sciences page! My name is Jay McCook and am in charge of teaching high school students biology, environmental systems, and anatomy and physiology. I love teaching and expect a lot from my students! 

I have been married to my wife Lynn for 20 years.   We have 3 sons Gage 19, Garrison 16, and Grant 15.  Gage is a Freshman @ Harding University in Arkansas where he plays Football and runs track.  Garrison is a sophomore and Grant is a Freshman both here at Canadian ISD.  My wife still teaches in Argyle Texas because there was no job for her at Canadian ISD.  We are very hopeful that a position comes available for the 2017-2018 season.  I have been teaching and coaching for 25 years but this will be the first year that I am not coaching Football.  I am going to be the Head Boys Cross Country coach and I will assist during track and field.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work in Canadian Texas.  My wife and I both grew up in the Panhandle in small towns and we are glad to be back in God's Country.  I look forward to getting to know each of you more in the future. 

Previous Experience:
Argyle High School
FB State Championships 4X
BB State Champs 1X
Track High Jump State Champ  2X
Taught A&P, Biology, Outdoor Education
Lamesa High School
FB, Track, Taught Biology
Hart High School
Principal, AD, Head Football, Head Golf
Taught Biology, Biology II, 7th Science, Health
Highland Park High School
Assistant Hd FB, BB, Track
Taught 7th Science
Austin Crockett High School
Offensive Coordinator, Head Wrestling, Head Track
Taught Biology and Career Connections
Wellington High School
Defensive Coordinator FB, BB, Head Track
Taught JH Science
Hart High School
Defensive Coordinator FB, BB, Head Track
Taught Biology, JH Science
Valleview JH (Amarillo Texas)
FB, BB, Track
Taught JH Science
Clack Middle School (Abilene Texas)
FB, BB, Track
Taught JH Track

Teaching Schedule:
1st- Conference
2nd- Biology
3rd- Environmental Science
4th- Anatomy & Physiology
5th- Biology
6th- Biology
7th- Environmental Science
8th- Biology