Phys. Ed & Health
Health Education
Grade Placement: 9 - 12 Credit: ½
Health education involves the study of physical, mental and social health that will enable the student to live a longer and healthier life. Areas such as the heart, vessels and blood, digestive system, tissue maintenance, respiration, physical and mental fitness, reproductive health, drug awareness, and first aid are covered. Students are informed about health related career opportunities. THIS COURSE IS REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS ON ALL GRADUATION PLANS (Canadian ISD)

Physical Education
Grade Placement: 9 - 12 Credit: ½ for each semester
Students will be taught how to develop and maintain an active lifestyle. Participating in an athletic class or on some athletic teams after school, band, and vocational co-op will meet physical education requirements. Units that will be covered in physical education are volleyball, flag football, weights, soccer, badminton, bowling, golf, softball, and archery.

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Boys and Girls Athletics
Grade Placement: 9-12 Credit: ½ for each semester
Athletics at the high school level is highly competitive. When enrolled in athletics at the high school, practice of that sport every day during the athletic period is assigned. When the sport enters its competitive season, the athlete will normally practice an additional 1½ to 2 hours after school. Off-season athletes must be enrolled in athletic class unless there is an academic conflict; such a conflict needs to be cleared with the head coach of the sport. You must have prior approval for athletic period. Indicate the sport(s) in which you plan to compete.
Practice and competition for boys and girls in the following sports will be held after school: Track, Golf, Tennis and Cross Country.