Wildcat Way


Canadian High School


In May 2015, a group of student leaders met together to discuss ways to make our awesome campus even better.  They set out to improve relationships, maintain a legacy of excellence and work for the overall good of our school.  The Wildcat Way was born!

Our Creed:

We, the students of Canadian High School, will strive for unity within these halls.  We will maintain a dynamic school spirit.  We will work toward a bright future through academic excellence.  We promise that no Wildcat will go unnoticed.  We are leaders of tomorrow, carriers of integrity, and supporters of each other.

We Believe In...

Work ethic


Loyal and together




Trust worthy

School Spirit

Essentials of Behavior

  1. We greet each other by name. - We use manners,  polite address is key, firm handshakes, eye contact, happy gestures
  2. We exemplify class. - We win and lose with dignity, congratulate and show respect to others.
  3. We leave things better than we found them.
  4. We are servant leaders. - Be a leader by putting others before you.
  5. We listen to each other. - We cannot learn anything with our mouths open.
  6. We perform random acts of kindness. – We ask how people are doing, reach out, pick up, show emotion in the halls.
  7. We exercise self-discipline and self-respect.
  8. We respect each other’s opinions, differences and keep an open mind.
  9. We are united as one. - We work as a team, together trying to reach a common goal.