Wade Hood

Hello My Name Is Wade Hood!

My email address is wade.hood@canadianisd.net


I have been teaching at CHS since 1998 (Algebra I, Algebra II, Computer Science)

Since 2004, I have been teaching in the Science Department

(Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry II AP and Computer Science).



1. Pencil (no pen for homework and tests)

2. Notebook paper for homework.

3. Something to takes notes in (a spiral, composition notebook, binder....)

4. YOUR CALCULATOR!  We use these all year in chemistry and physics.

5. Your CHARGER for the laptop (I have extension cords to plug in).  I realize that using your laptop in other classes may consume your power, so you can charge in my room.  I usually warn you that we'll be using the laptops the day before.

I will provide any other supplies that you need ( lab notebook, textbooks... ).


It's all good in the Hood!

It's All Good In the Hood