Spanish Department
Spanish 1
Grades: 9-11 Credit: 1
In Spanish 1, students focus on basic reading and writing in the Spanish language, while establishing their ability to speak and listen. There is an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar, including the present tense of regular and irregular verbs. Students will learn to introduce themselves, greet others, talk about what they do in their free time, and ask for directions among other things. Students also explore general cultural perspectives of Spanish-speaking peoples.

Spanish 2
Grades: 9-12 Credit: 1
Prerequisite: Spanish 1
In Spanish 2, students continue to develop proficiency in all four language skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking. Emphasis is placed on verb usage, especially using the present and past tense. Information will be provided in real life situations using a variety of themes, such as vacationing, home life, current events, and pastimes. Students will also explore the customs and traditions of Spanish-speaking peoples.

Spanish 3
Grades: 10-12 Credit: 1
Prerequisite: Spanish 2
In Spanish 3, students will improve their conversation skills and accuracy of grammar. The history and culture of Spanish speaking countries is explored. The course is designed for college-bound students or students who have a strong interest in learning Spanish. Students will conduct research projects that will increase their knowledge of cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking peoples.